Catholic Home Concerts

Welcome to the Catholic Home Concerts Home Page!

Catholic Home Concerts is a new endeavor that hopes to be an artistic, musical and spiritual extension of a heartfelt “work” that Maggie and I have been involved in for the past few years: “House Concerts”. We have been hosting these amazing, intimate and musical encounters at our place up north in the beautiful community of Pine, Arizona. Recently we have decided to extend this love of the arts (and the artists) by creating a new and unique opportunity for others here in “The Valley”: The Catholic Home Concert series.

Maggie and I are both musicians/singers and have been involved in the making of music since we were very young. We are both Catholic and our faith is central to our marriage, our friendships and the way we live our daily lives. The blending of faith and music is natural to us. It is both part of our own personal story, it is how we met, and it is something we feel called to support; that is Art, Artists and the Blessing that both can be for others. From that love for God, music and our artistic friends, we are beginning a new, simple, unique, and we feel, special offering for both friends and new friends!

The Catholic House Concerts will kick-off THIS December with one of our dearest and oldest friends: Catholic music artist Tom Booth.  Tom and pianist/vocalist Carl Herrgesell, will debut this new adventure for us on Friday night December 15th(Click on the link below for further details.)

The music industry has changed radically in the last decade, and the way music is delivered to our homes, phones and vehicles has also changed. No more holding an LP in your hands, reading the Vinyl jacket or CD, staring at the artwork and photos. The digital delivery system of music, though fast and simple has created a music experience that is both distant, impersonal and lacking the human interaction that music always brought to our lives.

What hasn’t changed is musicians still compose and play music! LIVE music IS the future for them, their art and their livelihood. Maggie and I are deeply committed to supporting our friends in music ministry and are beginning this new adventure in hopes of both supporting them and promoting their on-going gift to the body of Christ through their music ministry.

Thank you for visiting our new webpage and hopefully visiting us in this new, warm, human, and intimate musical and ministerial experience!

Love in Christ +

Tom and Maggie Burba
November 2017
Catholic House Concerts